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Laser Vein Removal: Who Is an Ideal Candidate?

Legs after laser treatment from Carlson Laser Aesthetics in Grand Rapids, MILaser vein removal is a common cosmetic procedure that helps many people feel more comfortable wearing summer clothes. It can boost confidence and encourage spending time outdoors enjoying favorite activities. Many people are excellent candidates for this procedure. Here are some of the attributes that describe the ideal candidate.

Overall Good Health

For any cosmetic procedure, it’s important that the patient is in good health. A strong immune system generally results in a quicker recovery and better results. Having a positive and pragmatic mental outlook is helpful, as is being emotionally prepared. This means understanding that complete healing and recovery take time.

Realistic Expectations

Having a good idea of what to expect during and after the procedure leads to greater satisfaction with results. Following treatment, it’s not unusual to experience a measure of redness and swelling. Cold packs can alleviate these symptoms. Although everyone heals at a different rate, it’s standard for spider veins to fade over the course of two to six weeks following laser vein removal.

Absence of Certain Conditions

It’s important to share complete medical history prior to any cosmetic treatment. Some conditions require special care, and for other conditions, the treatment is not recommended. Be sure to inform the medical staff of the presence of any of the following:

– Blood clotting disorders

– Tendency to develop keloid scarring

– Light-triggered seizures

– Diabetes that is dependent on insulin

If these or other health situations are present, including any skin- or vein-related conditions, let the staff know. They may recommend other procedures, or they may take special precautions during laser vein removal. It is not recommended that women who are pregnant have this procedure.

If there are any concerns or questions, be sure to discuss them thoroughly with a specialist. Always follow post-procedure care instructions fully. Knowing what the procedure involves and what to expect will ensure better results and greater satisfaction with the outcome.

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