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Laser Vein Removal Care Instructions

Spider Vein Treatment In Grand Rapids, MI


For best results following spider vein treatment, patients are advised to please follow these instructions:

  1. To AVOID hyperpigmentation (dark spots) after treatment, do not expose your skin to the sun without at least 30SPF sunscreen. Remember, the sun’s harmful rays can penetrate clothing. In addition, you must avoid the use of self-tanning agents, spray tans, tanning beds or any other artificial pigment while undergoing treatment, and for at least three weeks prior to the first treatment.
  2. Avoid skin irritants, such as any products containing retin-a retinol, benzoyl peroxide, glycolic/salicylic acids, or astringents for one week before and after your treatment.
  3. Do not use self-tanning agents for at least two weeks before your first treatment. Discontinue use until at least two weeks after your final treatment.
  4. If possible, please do not wear any makeup prior to your laser vein removal treatment. Patients should come to the appointment with skin that is clear of any creams or treatments.
  5. One hour before your vein treatment, take two, “Extra Strength” Tylenol to minimize discomfort.
  6. To avoid the opening of the treated veins and significant bruising, do not take aspirin or other anti-inflammatory products (Anacin, Bufferin, Advil, Thuprofen or Nuprin) for one week before and after treatment. Tylenol may be used. Also, avoid alcohol for at least two weeks before treatment.
  7. To decrease any discomfort after treatment, an ace bandage or support hose may be helpful. It may also help in reducing the amount of bruising. The research comparing the use of support hose versus not using support hose demonstrates mixed results.
  8. Apply Vitamin K cream, Arnica Montana, or Auriderm Cream after spider vein treatment. Grand Rapids, MI, patients report minimal bruising with this practice.
  9. To decrease swelling, ice can be applied following a 20 minutes on, 20 minutes off schedule. Swelling will resolve by itself in a few hours. Try taking Bromelain 750 mg four times per day. This is a homeopathic remedy utilized to reduce swelling. Do not take on an empty stomach.


Note: Even after the majority of veins have been treated, new veins can develop. Make an appointment to return in 6 weeks for another spider vein removal treatment. Grand Rapids, MI, residents and those from the surrounding areas, such as Western Michigan, Hudsonville, Kentwood, Wyoming, Kent County, and Ottawa County are welcome to our MedSpa for a free initial consultation. Give us a call today.

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