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Cellulaze Cellulite Laser Treatment in Grand Rapids, Michigan

Are you frustrated that you can’t get rid of cellulite, no matter how hard you try?

Introducing Cellulaze from Cynosure, the only treatment that attacks the structural problems beneath the skin that cause cellulite. A minimally invasive, laser-assisted procedure performed by a qualified physician at Carlson Laser Aesthetics, Cellulaze is a new anti-cellulite treatment clinically proven to increase your skin’s natural thickness for a smoother, healthier look that lasts. After one Cellulaze cellulite laser treatment in Grand Rapids, our patients can see their skin regain its former smoothness.

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How Cellulaze Works: A Unique Approach

Aging, hormones, genetics, and dramatic weight changes can all play a role in the appearance of cellulite. These factors can cause connective tissue bands under the skin to stiffen and the fat cells they surround to become larger and push up into the skin and that creates the “cottage cheese” effect you wish you could eliminate.

You can’t control these factors, regardless of how many miles you run or salads you eat, but you can control how you treat cellulite. Many other anti-cellulite treatments focus on cellulite superficially, applying treatment above the skin. Only Cellulaze treats the fibrous bands beneath the skin while also thickening and adding elasticity to the skin.

One simple anti-cellulite treatment. One incredibly smooth body.

Cellulaze delivers results that last, and all it takes is a single anti-cellulite treatment.

Here’s what you can expect during your procedure: Your physician will mark the areas of cellulite to be treated with a marker. A couple of tiny incisions will be made, about the size of the tip of a pen. Local anesthesia or numbing solution is used (you’ll be awake during the procedure). The Cellulaze laser fiber is threaded through a very small tube (or cannula) and inserted through the incision site. Your physician will then use the SideLaze3D™ Cellulaze laser fiber to level out bumps of fat, treat dimples by releasing the fibrous bands that pull down on the skin, and stimulate collagen production to increase your skin’s depth and elasticity for a smoother look. The liquefied fat is gently pressed out. The entire procedure should take about 1–1.5 hours.

Here’s what to expect after your procedure:

You’ll have some bruising and discomfort, and small amounts of fluid may leak from the incision sites. Your physician may ask you to wear a compression garment.

You’ll be able to go back to your normal activities after a day or two and resume more strenuous exercise after one to two weeks.

Your results will continue to improve for the next three to twelve months.

An Impressive Body Of Clinical Proof

Cellulaze has been thoroughly investigated to ensure safer, more effective results. A clinical study showed that a single Cellulaze treatment improved the appearance of cellulite for one year with few side effects. Moreover, 93% of patients surveyed were satisfied or very satisfied with their results one-year post-procedure, and all would recommend the Cellulaze treatment to a friend. The data also indicates compelling improvements in skin quality. Thicker, more elastic skin can help improve the appearance of cellulite. Cellulaze was shown to increase skin thickness by 25%, and skin elasticity by 29% even after one year —significant claims that other anti-cellulite treatments don’t make. In a qualified physician’s hands, Cellulaze gives you visibly smoother, healthier looking skin—an anti-cellulite treatment that lasts.

How Cellulaze works

What is cellulite?

You know what it looks like: dimpled, uneven skin that appears on your thighs and other parts of your body. Cellulite affects the vast majority of women, usually after puberty. Many believe cellulite to be a fat problem that can be eliminated through diet and exercise. But as you may have learned through experience, you can lessen the appearance of cellulite by losing weight, but you can’t get rid of it completely. Crash diets can actually make it worse.

It’s not your fault. Fat isn’t the problem. It’s a structural issue below the skin that only your physician can treat. That’s why men typically don’t get cellulite. The structure of their skin is different from women’s. This also explains why even very thin women can get cellulite, and why some heavier women don’t.

Cellulaze is the first cellulite treatment that attacks the structure of cellulite for clinically proven, longer-lasting results.

How is Cellulaze laser cellulite treatment different from other cellulite treatments?

Creams, lotions, pills and many other cellulite treatments must be used repetitively to treat the appearance of cellulite.

While staying in shape through diet and exercise is always a good idea, no amount of sweating or starving will make a significant dent in your dimples. Why? Because cellulite isn’t a fat problem. No, the problem lies beneath your skin where other treatments don’t reach.

Cellulaze is different. It’s the first and only laser cellulite treatment that targets the actual structural problems underneath the skin, to give you proven, longer lasting results from just one simple cellulite treatment. Grand Rapids and West Michigan area residents interested in this innovative procedure can contact Carlson Laser Aesthetics to learn more.

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