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What is a Laser Facelift?

To put it simply a Laser Facelift (Precision Tx) is a non-invasive surgical procedure using laser technology to tighten, smooth and tone the lower face and neck area and reduce wrinkles and sagging and other signs of aging without having to cut or remove any skin. There have been many great advancements in the way cosmetic surgery is performed as well as in the equipment used to do so and with the Laser Face Lift the two have come together to create an entirely new approach.

The many benefits of a Laser Facelift include virtually no scarring, very little recovery time, reduced cost, no bleeding, no stitches, significantly less bruising, greatly reduced risk of post-operative complications and a shorter time spent in the operating room. An added benefit of the Laser Facelift that you will not get with a standard MACS facelift is an average 30% thickening of the skin due to stimulated collagen growth which adds strength and stability to the skin structure.

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