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Armpit Sweat Gland Removal in Grand Rapids, Michigan

Bothersome sweating can be socially and emotionally embarrassing.

Now a minimally invasive laser procedure is available for the treatment of small areas such as the axillary glands in the (armpit) and areas of the lower face and neck area. This one-time, one-hour procedure is ideal if you want great results with the least amount of downtime.


Axillary Gland Ablation
When treating axillary glands in the armpit, laser energy is delivered by a fiber through a small canula.

Cynosure’s PrecisionTx is specifically designed to deliver energy to targeted tissues in the axillary gland area of the armpit.


What To Expect

Treat Bothersome Sweat with Laser Energy
Laser ablation treatment applies laser energy underneath the skin to the desired area.

When treating under the arm to target the axillary glands, Cynosure’s PrecisionTx delivers energy that specifically coagulates the tissue in the treatment area.

The procedure can be performed in the physician’s office while you are awake, using small incisions about the size of a pen tip. So you’ll be back on your feet quickly.


Get the Results  You Want

A recent study of sweat gland ablation showed:

•    A high patient satisfaction rate post procedure.

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